Marie is a modern woman in a time of endless possibilities. But on her 30th birthday, she reflects on her life and realizes she hasn’t done much of anything, especially since her father passed away. Today will be the day that she starts getting her life together. The opera, which takes place in the modern apartment of the female lead, starts with an introduction of the main character, Marie. At the end of this scene the audience votes which path to take from the two choices presented. After the audience selects the first path, they will encounter other choices at the end of each 2-6 minute scene. With each choice, characters who are intertwined with the lead character present new plot twists and dilemmas.


(Marie’s kitchen. The food dehydrator is running. The kitchen is messy.)



(Runs into kitchen. Checks her watch.)

It’s almost finished! My anticipating is so nearly finished!

(Takes a drink out of the refrigerator and closes the door with her hip)

Six long hours in limbo dehydrating

Now it is so close to finished! The raw food

And vegan and paleo pizza will soon be finished.

This recipe saves, it’ll make me so thin

And just as it reads at the top of the page

“Once you go raw, your life will begin!”

Oh, I can’t wait anymore!

(Takes tray out of food dehydrator. There is a purple, round crust on the tray. Marie winces as she looks at it. She shuts the door of the food dehydrator)

And it’s round like a crust but it’s—

(Smells the tray, feels it with her hands.)

Sour and crumbling like dust in my hand.

(Chops chives for garnish and sprinkles them on the pizza. Puts a candle in the pizza and lights it.)

But it’s healthful and pure and will

Signal my brand new life era.

A special new cure that ensures

I get my life together. When I eat the raw pizza

I’ll lose so much weight,

I’ll find a new job and ask Gabe on a date

And he’ll finally be more than my neighbor.

I’ll start volunteering, I’ll finally make friends

And I’ll finally stop fearing what I see each day in the mirror.

I’ll get to repent, be absolved of my sin

Oh, once I start eating, my life will begin!

(She clinks her glass against her plate, toasting herself. Looks up.)

And I’ll be able to say to my Dad,

I know you’d be proud of me if you had lived ‘til today!

I’ll make all of this headway,

I’ll do it for me! Light all of the candles and sing,

“Happiest 30th birthday, you’re going to make it, Marie!”

(The timer goes off. Takes a bite and gags.)

Oh no. No no no.


(Spits the food out. There is a knock at the door. As Marie gets up to answer it but at the same time, her intercom beeps.)

AUDIENCE DECISION: Answer intercom or answer door 

Copyright © Julia Curcio 2016